Almost Gray

Almost Gray

Almost Gray

Hardcore, Experimental, Metal
From: Plainfeild, IL, United States

Band Members

  • Cj Harris - Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Keys, Everything
  • Jon P. - Drums, Vocals

About Band

Cj Harris is the fuel behind the fire. With little start up recognition to begin with, He hopes to start a fan base. Hard work has been the key. He has been playing many diffrent instaments throughout his life. Through Kinder garten up to elementry school he sang in traveiling singing groups, play percussion in the second grade, got first guitar in thrid grade, got first key bourd in forth grade, and first turntables in sixth grade. By Sixth grade Cj was putting music he made on to CDs and selling them for 1.25$ He did this all the way up to recent times. His last recent mixtape made and distributed during October f 2006. With not has much feed back has he got with the mix tape that got him noticed in 2004, He decided to go a new route. He had tried and failed before to be in bands and start band. Due to the recent tradigies in his family, his music took the back burner. He would later release that this time in his life was the most important time to make his music. After the poor out come of his last project, little was to be expected or even recognized of what ever he would come up with. He would not let that stop him. He teamed up with his friends to make a comeback. One if great purportion. His right hand man in the music business is Jon Peachos. He was there when Cj first recorded and has been giving his help and input ever since. He can be created with many of the ideas to the beats of the songs. Next would be Vaughn Harper. Being just a solid role influence and supporter, He is key to what Cj can do in the future. His band " We're so last year" inspired Cj to pick back up the guitar after the home life turned sour. He hadn't played since he moved, and thanks to him he plays every day. Can't forget Mike Davis. He has been a great help in the lyrics. Also providing input on how Cj's heaveir songs should sound. Along with providing lots of laughs. Last but not least is Paul Silva. Already in a band of his own, Paul has just been an influence. Helping Cj with the creative part of song writting and brainstorming names and themes. A contible source, he is also a key to any success that will sprout. Hopefully you will see all of them out soon. Playing shows and signing auto graphs.

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