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I have always enjoyed amusing my self with sounds from my mouth and or body.  Then i found a free recording program and put my sounds to the test to annialate an average persons brain..i was successful of course.  Beware do not listen to my songs unless ure sillyness capacity is at least at level gillion zillion sillybites or else ure brain will be severely injured.  I got to share my sillyness with other friends of mine who are also quite silly perhaps jsut as silly as me:P i thank Max Buen i mean..Jon Bergen.. no wait Max Bergen for such great tracks like Organize Your Macaroni and Want Some Rice. I thank Will Ballantyne AKA (ORANGEESPOOM) for Korean Candy, Choking on a Chip Particle and numerous, hilarious, and vile inside jokes.  And i thank Liam Shaw AKA (HYDRALOR) for great tunes like Put it in the Sac aswell as BuRR.  I'd also like to thank Richard Peddie for Chokin on a Chip Particle and Noel Anstey for accompanying me in the making of Exuberance which we are still working on.. thanks a lot everyone and u might want to wear a helmet while listening incase an aLoK sound arrow pierces ure tender brain.



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