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I began playing guitar a little over two years ago, in order to be able to write songs. Before this I was in a progressive rock band Acute Fiction as a singer, until my moving to university to chase a 'career' spelled the end of our brief stint in the world of rock 'n' roll. In these two years I have written two albums, one which is recorded (but far from sufficiently) and one which Is currently being played live. I hope to record my second album in a studio whereas my first I used the delights of an apple mac.

Enough about the monotonous aspects of this page, I will tell you a little about my music and my intentions as an artist. My first album titled 'Spirits & Dignity' is a dreamy journey from angst to hope. While this may sound cliche and pretentious, lyrics are all written with a startling honesty and truth, and whilst the music could easily be percieved as being depressive, my own view and indeed intention, was to create the atmosphere of hope gained by natural human strength. Different aspects of people create different things, If certain things hadn't happened to me while I was growning up, I probably wouldn't have the inspiration - or balls - to go ahead and write and perfrom my own music. To sum Spirits & Dignity up, the meaning of the songs may seem obvious and run of the mill on first listening, but I can assure you their meanings are far when intently listened to. 

My second album, titled 'A Testimony' is a display of happiness, making the most of what we have, drawing positives out of an ocean of negatives. Where 'Spirits & Dignity' songs were drawn out and always changing, 'A Testimony' is sharp and quick to the point. Catchy choruses and down to earth lyrics create no illusion. An uplifiting listen. My music will be appearing on this page very soon, I will place 4 tracks from 'S & D' and hope to gain comments, good or bad, honesty is the key, and when recorded I will place another 3 tracks from 'A Testimony'.

Listen with your mind not just your ears.


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