Alternate Enemy

Alternate Enemy

Alternate Enemy

Punk, Rock, Alternative
From: Waupun, WI, United States

Band Members

  • Josh - Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Preston - Bass/Vocals
  • Jeff - Guitar
  • Matt - Drums

About Band

Alright since about September of 2006, we have been actually serious about the band. Having practices regularly. We were going good, but then as everything seems good, we started running into problems with our bassist. We felt he wasn't holding his end up and we ended up getting rid of him. For a month we did nothing band related. Then we found in April of 2007, Myles, a good freind of Josh and Preston. We tried him out as bassist. Well after about 2 weeks, it wasn't working out for various reasons. Then after 2 months of no bassist and members of the band thinking about giving it up. Ending the band for various reasons. Then we find one solution, a BIG one at that. Changing the line-up, for the better. We found our new guitarist, Jeff. Josh has played with Jeff and he is a awesome guitarist and is way better than Preston. So Preston decides to hop "over to the dark side" and play the bass. Well so far things are good and it seems this is the final change to the band. As of June 2007 we have a song in the progress, which is gonna turn out really good, or were hoping.
The NEW and FINAL Line-Up:
Josh- Lead-Guitar/vocalist
Jeff- Rythem and Lead guitar
Preston- Bass/Vocalist
Matt- Drums
Josh is basically the power behind the band, he makes most of the guitar parts, and is a wicked guitarist.
Preston once the guitarist of this band, has now been switched to bass and is liking it, minus the money he is once again spending on equipment.
Jeff is the new guitarist and is really good. He does his fair share and makes his own guitar parts. Matt is the drummer, who keeps it real

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