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I can't reallii say much about myself...I had a bio up here before but emotions can't control results. I was born 1989 in Columbus, Ohio. My real name is Jessie Du'Shane Fallins. I was born into the right hands but passed onto even greater ones. When my mother was no longer able to raise me and my father couldn't handle the stress, my Aunt Karen raised me. Her and my Uncle Don and my two cousins (Sean and Shannon) raised me as family. I called Uncle Don my dad once, didn't know who my dad was at the time. My Aunt Karen taught me values (Thank you, please, no ma'am) and my Uncle Don taught me respect (Yes Sir, No Sir, Back straight waLK tall). My cousin Sean taught me the real (Girls, Sex, Do's and Don't). I gotta thank the next door neighbors for letting me tag along sometimes (Mario and Brandon) I know I was a little hassle at times, maybe annoying too, lol. My mom won a court battle and took me into custody again, but after a short period my Aunt Karen won me back. My mother was still unable to deal with reality, legally. When my age became a factor my Uncle Don couldn't teach me how to be a man, he had one alreadii. My Aunt Karen isn't a man so that rukles her out. When my mom finally got clean, I lived with her for a while. Her and my little brother (Ronald Harshaw). We have different Dad's but I love him. After awhile I didn't wanna live there anymore, that loser my mom called a boyfriend pissed me off. So I began to slip in grades and runnin with my friends (R.I.P.). My mom couldn't handle it so I moved out to Cali with my father (Jessie B. Fallins). My Dad taught me how to be a man and how to raise one too. So when the time comes I can teach my son how to be a man. My mom moved out to Cali a little later. I'm living the rest of my life right now. I made a lot of mistakes out here, but I'm hoping to make a lot more great choices in the future...if I live that long...Thank You Everybody...

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