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Real Name:Mbasa Sigcau Studio Name:Tha Amazing Guttersnipe OR Amazing Born:17 July 1994 Tha Amazing Guttersnipe, generally known as Amazing is a recording and performing artist at No Way Out Productions. 1.Introduction to Rap: Tha Amazing Guttersnipe grew up with his family in Bellair, where he listened to all kinds of music. As a kid he had a quick grasp and memory of all things musical, and was known around Bellair for quickly knowing the hit songs of the day. However, he was amazed by and truly enjoyed rap music, a genre to which he was introduced by his brother Somz through the sounds of Method Man, back in 2000. As time progressed he listened to, and was a fan of a great variety of artists, most of them gangsta rappers, but was especially impressed by the intricacy of Eminem's rhyming technique. 2.Amazing: In 2006, Amazing put pen to paper for the first time to draft his first rhyme/track under the monicker G-Dawg, a name he picked up from the Jamie Foxx movie Bait. He soon dropped the name G-Dawg in 2007, after he wrote the lines, "I am your highness/smaller yet deadlier than the general virus/screw it, call me a mini virus." He went by the name Mini Virus for about a year. In 2008, Mini Virus met Sizwe Mistik Nxumalo, a No Way Out Productions artist with whom he would become close friends. After hearing a verse recital by the young Mini Virus, Mistik, Mazwi Zwisto Dlamini and the few people that were there to hear him spit were amazed, and he was thus named Amazing. 3.No Way Out Productions: In September of 2008, Amazing went on to record his first track, which featured Mistik at No Way Out. The track was a potent potion flow and punchlines entitled "Ill Rhymes," produced by Godfather. The track got generally good reviews and gave Amazing a home at N.W.O(No Way Out) Godfather was impressed by the young spitter's verbal peril and potential, and he was given an opportunity to be at N.W.O. 4.Tha Amazing Guttersnipe: With anecdotes that embody wisdom and witty penmanship, Tha Amazing Guttersnipe has artistically evolved into an a rhyme-spitter of great acuity pushing the message of Artistic Africanism

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