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 In the past 12 years Amiel has tried working with 3 various studios and producers – in all these cases he pulled out as he was not happy with the sound that resulted. ‘I felt like people were always trying to push me in a certain direction, knew only one direction or just wanted my music to do something it was never meant to do,’ Amiel says of his previous studio experiences. This all changed when he met producer Jonathan G. Shaw: ‘I liked his work the first time I heard it while I was doing back up for RUFF-WAN; he was adding new spirit to everything he touched,’ he said of Jonathan.

 Amiel writes songs about his life experience. Much of the material chosen from the Massive Fix album revolves around his life in the early 2000s. Working with Jon Shaw, Amiel brought his songs to life creating a texture and musical experience that was both current and fresh. Often out-of-the-box ideas would be thrown around by both artist and producer until a workable idea had been found. At the end of the production period a unified voice would be found and a masterpiece polished. While Amiel’s writing is personal, it is also routed in accessibility. One can take the lyrics and find their own meaning.

 In his life, Amiel has worked through triumphs as well as loss and struggles. This shines through in his work, combining fun and powerful messages with gripping, bouncing, booty-shaking anthems!

THE CHRYSALIS ROJECT is a South African compilation of 18 Independent artists from divergent genres and AMIEL's 'I WANT LOVE' is one of the tracks chosen for the album. This compilation will be available world wide via internet from March 1, 2013 with the physical CD available in the following month in South Africa only. Do yourself a favour and listen to this exciting album that showcases some of South Africa's talented independent artists from Dance, Rock, RnB, Hip Hop to MOR, POP and there is even a gospel track on here. Visit for more info.


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