Among The Seeking

Among The Seeking

Among The Seeking

Experimental, Death Metal, Hard rock
From: Yreka, CA, United States

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I have been writing music for about 7 years, and recently after completing my senior project which was writing a full length album, i decided to create a new masterpiece :D.(even thought the first was very rough) I have been working on tracking and mixing etc this album for the past 6 or 7 months and it ha gone by quickly, it is almost complete. Most will not be wowed by it but i have been. I have grown so much in the past few months of this writing process more than any other music experience ive ever had! Im not writing it for the technicality, or the sound really but just what ever makes me happy. Sometimes a song could take one night of tracking to get the entire song down or sometimes a week depending on what i see fit. I write based off of 1. how im feeling towards writing at the time 2. who ive been listening to 3. and what tone i want to hear I have a line 6 tone port and with that comes alot of time and patience, i designed each tone myself and each has its own expression so to speak. If its a heavy tone then im going to write heavy, or if its more of a light distortion im going to go for an aumbiant style of "Djent" which is what i went for on this upcoming album along with a few metal core/death core influenced songs! Theres alot more i could talk about with this album and how i write and what not but if you wanna hear what ive been working on i have two 'teaser' songs on reanimate and barbarous breakdowns these two songs are just to show the range of music im working with, from aumbiant djent to deatcore or metal core, what ever you wish to call it! :D

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