Rock, Pop, Experimental
From: Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Amelia - Guitar
  • Laura - Bass
  • Lucy - Guitar

About Band

 Our main influence is Mcfly. Our music is rock and pop. We are about to put some of our tracks online soon we are just in the process of recording them. Although we are just a small group, and havn't even got a definite drummer, we REALLY want to be a big, famous band, so we have high aspirations about this. Amelia hasbeen to McFly concerts, and know how COOL it must be to be on the stage, so we hope we will eventually get the oppurtunity, we hope other people can support us loads.

Amelia-I love playing the eletric guitar, it's really enjoyable and a great instrument, so when i'm older, hopefully i can change my musical talent into fame and fortune!


Date and Place Birth: 01/02/96

Star Sign: Aquarius

What you do in Amplitude: Melodic Guitar, Backup Vocals, Bass Guitar (sometimes), Drums (sometimes)

Distingusing Features: Glasses and freckles.

Family Details: Three Brothers!!!!!

Any Pets: 2 adorable Labardor Dogs.

The two things I always carry with me are: My Ipod and a plectrum.

My Favourite Actor is: Zac Efron

My Favourite Actress is: Hilary Duff or Cameron Diaz

Fave Film: The Back to the Future Trilogy/School of Rock/Click

Fave TV Prog: Friends, Scrubs

All-Time Fave Song: Paulo Nutini New Shoes

Fave Band: Mcfly/Jonas Brothers/Busted

Fave Male Singer: Paulo Nutini

Fave Female Singer: Avril Lavingne

First Gig: Elliot Minor Wedgewood Rooms

Best Gig: Elliot Minot

Fave Drink: Coca-Cola

Fave Food: Salami

Bad Habits: Mucking around with my face

I would describe myself as: Loyal and Funny maybe

Biggest turn on: Muscles

Biggest turn off: Chest hair

Dream Car: A Porsce

Fave Subject at School and Why: Science because it is fun.

Who inspires you: T-Rex, My Chemical Romance, Elliot Minor, Mcfly, Stiff Dylans 

Any Celebrity Encounters: Sharon Osbourne, The Days.

Fave Chat up Line: I don't use them

Hobbies/Sports: Guitar and Texting my Mates



Date and Birth place: 22/04/96 St Marys Hospital, Portsmouth

Star Sign: Taurus

What do you do in Amplitude: I play a bit of everything, guitar, bass and drums

Distinguishing features: Glasses and always wearing either Vans or Converse!

Family details: One Brother

Any pets: A cute greyhound

Things I always carry with me: A plectrum for some strange reason...

Favourite actor: Jim Carrey or Ray Romano

Favourite actress: Jennifer Aniston


Fave TV program: Either the simpsons or Skins

All time fave song: I'd have to say 5 colours in her hair by Mcfly! How weird.............not really


Fave male singer: Charlie Simpson, Dougie Poynter and Joe Jonas

Fave female singer: Got to be Avril Lavigne

First Gig: I went to see Mcfly Play In Eastbourne for the Greatest Hits Tour.....amazing....

Best gig: Read above

Fave drink: Coke/Fanta/Apple juice

Fave food: Potatoes or creme eggs

Bad habits: I think I'm funny when I'm not. Bite the skin around my nails......ewwwwwww it's really gross

I would describe myself as: Dougie Poynter.....I'm a lot like him you know!!!

Biggest turn on: Sexy smile and gelled hair

Biggest turn off: Smelly feet and greasy hair

Dream car: A smart car with flames on the side!

Fave subject at school and why:  Music coz I guess I always believed I could play crazy guitar solos when I'm older. Also Science, mainly chemistry, coz Its fun and I pretend to be a crazy evil genius.

Who inspires you: Mcfly, Busted, Jonas Brothers, Lucy, Elliot minor

Most embarrasing moment: I sneeze farted once in public really loud, everyone turned around and looked at me...

Any celeb encounters: I saw Elliot Minor after a Mcfly show!!!!!!

Fave chat up line: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hobbies/Sports: MSNing, playing guitar, filming (go to

Thats me done!! :)

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