Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Matt Mufalli - Vocals
  • Matt Emburgia - Guitar
  • Evan Magness - Bass / Vocals
  • John Huldt - Guitar
  • Kyle Rector - Drums

About Band

Not even they could have imagined they would form a metal band in Los Angeles when they met in New Jersey when they were just four years old. Matt Mufalli and Matt Emburgia formed Ampora just a year ago in an effort to create a sound they for so long had in their heads - “Everyone in the band grew up listening to the a lot of the same metal bands and I think the reason we can write together so easily is that we have no hesitation being completely honest with the other” Mufalli states. After spending some time writing and auditioning musicians in the LA area they finally were able to round out Ampora with bassist / vocalist Evan Magness, drummer Kyle Rector and lead guitarist John Huldt. With Taylor Voeltz (Born of Osiris, Circle of Contempt, Broadcast the Nightmare) at the helm as producer / engineer, and mixed by Daniel Braunstein (Volumes, Bermuda) Ampora created the EP “Last Chance” rooted with the riffs reminiscent of classic metal but a new edge and sense of songwriting to please fans of every metal subgenre. Determined to get their music out to everyone as soon as possible, Ampora will be hitting every stage they can and will likely be fueling the soundtrack to a circle pit near you in the not so distant future.

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