Amy Can Fly

Amy Can Fly

Amy Can Fly

Indie, Rock
From: Melbourne, Australia

Band Members

  • Jordan Clay - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
  • Josh Milgate - Bass
  • James Freeman - Lead Guitar
  • Jacob Murphy - Drums/Backing Vocals

About Band

Amy Can Fly was officially started on the 12th of July 2008 but for you to truely understand how the band came to be I need to take you back to the year 2005.

It was the start of secondary school and quickly a couple of bands were formed by the new students. One of these was called Self Proclaimed Messiah which was a metal band made up of Jacob Murphy on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jordan Clay on lead guitar, Daniel Ryan on bass and Daniel Palmieri on drums. They played a couple of shows as a band but could not really find a good sound. Then Daniel P left the band and Jacob decided to fill in the position as the band's drummer which led to Daniel R becoming the new rhythm guitarist. The band now needed a bass player. They were looking around for a bass player when they found Josh Milgate who was from another band that was not working out very well so Josh said yes to this new opportunity and became the fourth member. At this point in time the band decided that they needed a new name. And Peace Of Mind was born.

By now it was 2006 and the band started to practice and it was getting a little better and played some small shows. They even recorded a song which was titled "Self Proclaimed Messiah" as a tribute to the old band. Whilst recording this song both Jordan and Jacob tried to do vocals on the track but could not get the sound that they wanted. After a while of the band not moving forward Jacob pulled out to do some of his own recordings on a solo project called BlindOverUsage which is still going today.

The band fell apart and nothing really happened for about 18 months. There were a few different bands that they got involved with but none of them stuck. There were alot of musicians in that time who helped to develop the guys into who they would become when Amy Can Fly was formed.

Then after that time of not really having a serious band Jordan decided to record some of the songs that he had been writing. So Jordan and friend John Lister (who is now the band's manager) recorded two tracks which ended up on Amy Can Fly's demo album. These two tracks, "Nothing Bad" and "Izzy's Song," were different from the music that they played in the past. There was no more metal but in it's place was a fresh newer style of music being indie/rock. This is when Amy Can Fly really started. Jordan posted the songs on a myspace page where they were heard by many people including Josh from Jordan's previous band, Peace Of Mind. Josh offered to play bass for the new band if Jordan wanted to turn it into a serious music project. They both agreed and went to find other members.

Jordan was singing lead vocals/rhythm guitar and Josh was playing bass guitar so they needed a lead guitarist and a drummer. They had a few offers but could not find the right people. After a few weeks of searching they decided to ask Jacob if he wanted to take on the roll of drumming in Amy Can Fly. He agreed and joined the band. (whilst still working on his solo project, BOU) Now all that was left was a lead guitarist.

Lead guitar was a tough spot to fill because Jordan had always played lead guitar but they all agreed that it would be best if he put most of his effort into singing. There were a few people who were considered but did not make the cut due to different reasons. In the end they ended up asking of of Josh's friends James Freeman, who both Jordan and Jacob didn't know at the time so it was a risky choice, but he said yes and it was the right decision for the band.

They then recorded some more tracks over the next 5 months which went on to become their, self titled, demo album. The album contained 12 original tracks and a remix of one of their songs, "Wide Eyed," which Jacob remixed. The album went on sale just around people who the band knew and people who got a hold of us via either a friend or the internet. The album sold fairly well and the band decided to use the funds to buy a P.A. system. The tracks on the album (in order of play) are "Noticed," "So Far," "All in All," "Wide Eyed," "Izzy's Song (on and on)," "Nothing Bad," "She Can't See," "Foldbacks and Ciggarettes," "Someday," "All the Same," "What Would You Do?" "Amy Can Fly (just hold her hand)," and "Wide Eyed" remix.*

The band is now getting ready to start performing this album live in clubs and other venues around Melbourne and the suburbs as well as some cover songs including Arctic Monkeys, INXS, The Kooks and others. They are also begining to write and record their second album which should be out late 2009 - early 2010. They are still working on getting the band recognised and hopefully getting some merchandise soon. Keep a look out for Amy Can Fly in the near future.

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