Amy Revenge

Amy Revenge

Amy Revenge

Acoustic, Alternative, Experimental
From: Salem, OR, United States

Band Members

  • Amy Revenge - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Taylor "Butt McKracky" Kana - Bass
  • Connor "The Con-Man" - Lead Guitar

About Band

Wow.. everyone has such interesting Bio's! So.. I guess.. I'll just list a few basics?


K well I moved here (to Salem) this summer. I've been playing guitar for about two years now, and before that I played bass for a month and violin for about five years. I'm in a band called The Infamous Crime, we're located in Phoenix, Arizona. In it are my best friend, Taylor "Butt McKracky" Kana and Connor "The Con-Man" something-or-another (His last name is spelled weird). I'm on vocals and rhythm guitar, Taylor's on bass(but might take my place as guitarist) and Connor is on lead guitar. I write most of the songs and put the music to them, Taylor jams with me, and Connor is still learning everything we've written.


Someone once told me that you're officially a band when you can successfully play two complete songs.. Well, to whoever said that.. WOO! We can play five XD

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