Metal, Progressive, Gothic
From: Beirut / Bucharest / Schwalmtal (Germany), Romania

Band Members

  • Elie J. Haddad - Lead and backing vocals, guitars, piano, VSTs, harmonica
  • Michael Karius - 7 and 6 strings guitars, bass, MIDI and drums programming, VSTs
  • Andreas Delvos - Piano, Keyboards, MIDI and VSTs

About Band

Anannuki is Elie J. Haddad (Vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica, software instruments), Michael Karius (7 strings guitars, guitars,bass guitar,  MIDI and drum programming) and Andreas Delvos (piano, software instruments).

The band is (up till now) an online band, all members being in 2 different countries, and has formed in September 2008.

Origins of the name According to Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretation of Sumerian tablets and images, the Anunnaki, “Those who from Heaven to Earth came”, are the inhabitants of the twelfth planet in our solar system (given the name Nibiru in the Sumerian texts) and the creators of human civilisation.

According to these theories the human race is a hybrid of human and alien species, so I guess they changed their names to pass incognito to Anannuki, and joined a rock band, using guitars and symphonies to claim back their forefathers’ right to rule the world…


Check us out at:

well, yeah and here of course :)

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