Pop, R&B, Power pop
From: Tucson, AZ, United States

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.. Singer, songwriter, dancer, co-producer, piano player, guitar player, and choreographer is the last thing you would expect from a such a young female artist. With influences like Usher, Chris Brown, and the iconic Michael Jackson, Ana Rosas is a 20 year-old sensation ready to jump into this industry. "I really started singing about a year ago" says Ana Rosas who grew up in the small town of Tucson, AZ. "It felt like an over-night thing. One day I was telling someone about what I really wanted to do in life, and less than a week later I was in LA recording my first song". Having no vocal coaching experience or background, Ana Rosas then was offered to start her demo album. "My dream had started to become a reality". Though born in Mexico, Ana Rosas was raised in Tucson, AZ and lived in a very small town outside of Tucson called Marana. At a young age, she was discouraged by her parents to be a part of anything other than their personal religious beliefs. With restrictions and boundaries being put up, Ana still followed her love for music. At the age of eight she had became so inspired by the music of Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and Usher that singing, dancing, and writing lyrics was done on a daily basis. "Me and my sister would hide in our room and listen to the radio", she states laughing. "We always begged to go to concerts, but instead we got lucky if they allowed us to buy CDs". Throughout the next six years, Ana got involved in Student Council, National Jr. Honor Society, fundraising, community service, and even joined activities and sports but never left music. Instead, she grew closer to it and joined a jazz band. "I played to flute and was accepted to join this jazz academy outside of my school, I loved it". Once she hit high school, one of her most influential teachers pushed her to realize she could accomplish more than what was put in front of her at a young age. Ana became part of the dance program where she began to discover her abilities and what she was capable of. "I used to think my dreams were so unrealistic that I had never even considered them, so I never told anyone". Before you knew it, Ana was front and center of her dance class. After a long, motivational speech, Ana auditioned for the state champion dance team and made it. Competing with the team taught her discipline and hard work. "It trained me to always give my 150% and never settle for less" she mentions. "Anything is possible if you just set your mind to it". That year they ranked 3rd at Nationals. Dance team had become her life, passion, and family. That next year Ana began to juggle school, work, student council, medical academy, dance team, taking college courses as a junior in high school, faced new coach struggles, and the divorce of her parents. After witnessing physical and mental abuse in her family, and her mother giving up, Ana had to also play a role of a parent. "We were never the wealthiest, but we really struggled that year". "Music and dance were the only thing that kept my spirit strong". Ana ended up becoming team captain and coached for a few months as a senior that year. After graduation, Ana attended a community college where she joined choir and started singing again, but was stuck between an entertainment path and a career in medicine. "I knew I couldn't live without music, but at that time a part of me was afraid to disappoint anyone". That's when Ana realized she was going to follow her unmentioned dreams and become a performer, a role model for many, and help change this world. That month Ana was discovered and a week later was sent to LA to record her first single “Its on you” by Time Fighter Productions. She has recently finished her first demo album, produced by Matt Wong and Josh Allen, and with thousands of views, plays, friends, and followers on MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, Ana is now preparing to start launching her career. Bringing a new, fresh sound and swagger to the industry isn’t just it. Ana wants to also show a different side of females where they don’t have to be provocative to be sexy. "I want to influence so many in such a positive way. Having such a struggling background really made me stronger and who I am today". A female Pop and R&B artist that can breakdance and isn't afraid to bring something new, take music videos and performances to the next level, collaborate with many artists, and spread peace through music. With her manager Dwaine Downton, Ana is now acting, modeling, working on her first official hit single and is getting ready to launch her first national tour. "Im still growing, and I never want this to stop". .. .. ......"To succeed in this world u need 3 things, a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone" -Reba

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