Hardcore, Christian, Rock
From: Crown Point, IN, United States

Band Members

  • Cody Roberts - Guitar
  • Josh Riede - Bass
  • Adam Kozlowski - Drums
  • Jeff Page - Vocals

About Band

AnArticleForAmber originated from December of 2005 with a lot ahead of them that was not expected. With every member's strong passion for music, they still today stick together for the music. During this year of events from the start they have had many changes, including their style of music and the loss/change of members. Starting out as a screamo band, they pushed for a heavier style as the year of 2006 progressed. They've gone through getting a new bass player, adding/getting a new guitar player, and recently a new drummer; which now they are finally at a great lineup. With their oldest member at the age of 17 and their youngest at 15, they've got a lot more ahead of them for the future as they proceed through the remainder of their 1 & 2 years of high school left. As of now, AnArticleForAmber is anxious to get their debut E.P. released and out there to strive for a professional music career. A lot is expected of it and your support is most important. Come check us out live and please support us and every band we play with. Thanks.

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