Anatomy of Soul

Anatomy of Soul

Anatomy of Soul

Rock, Indie, Power pop
From: Moscow, Russian Federation

Band Members

  • Ilya Sokoloff - lead vocals
  • Vitaly Kudrin - keyboards
  • Nikolay Akulinin - bass
  • Mikhail Dolgov - drums
  • Sergey Androshin - guitar
  • Maxim Plyusnin - band management

About Band

On March 6th the band performed with Jamiroquai in St.Petersburg!

"On 6th of March we rocked at Royal Beach! After our set when Jay Kay and the whole Jamiroquai band showed up we did some of their covers. Such as Bad girls, Little L, Cosmic girl... and of course Virtual insanity...! Like we've planned Jay Kay jumped on the stage with the second verse of the song! Man! So we finished the song and here they all are, the whole band is on stage! "Let's give the guys a brake... And a round of applase, they deserve it!" - said Jay Kay and they played some of their new stuff! Super!" - Ilya Sokoloff

Also check out our web page on!

Introducing iSokoloff "Cotton ball".

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Check out new exclusive interview with Anatomy of Soul's Ilya Sokoloff at!

A "Quick-thought" with Anatomy of Soul - "Few words upon a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland".

- So, how was it? - Well it was cold! They say it’s not but trust me it is! It is actually different from all of the rest of the world and especially Europe. I mean cold lava all over the place. It was interesting. People simply don’t walk there, everyone drives a car… - What was the best thing happened there? - They serve real Irish Guiness there! It’s good especially on New Year’s. Swimming pools, Irish-coffee and Umslag! - What’s with Tarantino thing? - I bumped into Quentin Tarantino in the lobby of Hilton Nordic. We all did. No chatting, he was busy with the menu… So… - Not only have you gone to Iceland on New Year’s 2008 holydays to have fun but you have done two live gigs there too? Is that right? - One. A long one though! - Ok. One. - Yeah! The second one didn’t work out well. There were some technical problems I guess. Yes we’ve rocked on the New Year’s Eve 2008 in Iceland with Gosha Kutsenko and without him. For like two and a half hours show! It was fun! - You guys went out into the country? Blue Lagoon… - Oh yeah! Iceland is a totally new experience. Ras-ras and Umslag!

Perhaps one of the few fair examples on russian stage truly convincing all the skeptics that russians also can perform and write in english, which Anatomy of Soul does for over 13 years. The story of the band begins back in 1994 in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Recently produced by Maxim Plyusnin in spring 2004 the band has settled in Moscow. The studio record "Ordinary Twilight" came out in 2001 and was nominated on the same year. Also there were some solo efforts produced by Kudrin&Sokoloff "Incorrectly Brought Up" (1999) and "Dear Nature Boy" (2002). Two "live" albums: "Covered" (2002) the album of 13 favorite cover tracks recorded live during the club show and "Live at O2tv" (2007) recorded on November 20th 2006 at O2tv live show. Also the collection of rare recordings, remixes and music for short films "Rarities 1995-2003" came out in 2003. Now for the new upcoming album there also is a russian content as well. In may 2007 on International Film Festival La Città in Corto CORTOMED in Rome a short film MILK by Andrey Bogdanov with original score by Anatomy of Soul has won the golden palm in Best Foreign Film nomination. The band performed in Reykjavik (Iceland) on 2007-2008 New Year's Eve! There are also two side-projects with famous russian actors Gosha Kutsenko and Igor Vernik. To check out hot news, photo galleries and mp3 albums visit!

"What is truly amazing about Anatomy of Soul is the incredible Western rock and roll sound and clear concise English lyrics of this Russian-based band. Anatomy of Soul has had some personality changes in their history but the core has been playing live gigs for years perfecting their craft and formulating their own unique style. The blues, jazz and even classical music converge into their brand of rock and roll. Ordinary Twilight their most recent release is rich in tone and utilizes many instruments such as the piano, the keyboards, the harp, stings and brass. Their lyrics are witty and well constructed. Anatomy of Soul has strong rhythms, good guitar leads and steady percussion throughout. Anatomy of soul is a bright light on the horizon and an exciting example of the growing music scene in Russia." - (2002 CD Review by Laura Turner Lynch for

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