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Andrea Massaria was born on 10th April 1965 in Trieste. He began studying classical guitar at the age of eleven under the guidance of Maestro Guido Percacci.
As a private student, he attended the last academic year of classical guitar. In the meanwhile, he performed a series of numerous concerts both in Italy and abroad, becoming a specialist in the music of H. Villa Lobos and of J. S. Bach.
In 1990 he was struck by listening to a concert of Barney Kessel, so even if he did not quit classical music, he began studying jazz and attended the courses of the school “Il suono improvviso” (The impromptu sound) in Venice managed by Giannantonio DiVicenzo: he studied with the guitar teacher Sandro Gibellini, with whom he performed very often afterwards.
In 1991 he attended the summer school “Berklee College Of Music” in Perugia during the festival Umbria Jazz. He attended especially the seminar of Joe Pass.
 In 1992 he and his group came in third during a regional competition organised by RAI (the Italian national broadcasting network), and came in first during a show for young emerging musicians in Trieste. He became a member of the jazz Big Band in Trieste directed by Maestro Bruno Ritani.
In 1993 and 1994 he attended the summer courses of specialisation in Genoa under the guidance of Bruce Forman and Mark Elf. In both years he won a study grant for best guitarist; he began to collaborate with important musicians such as Massimo Faraò, Dado Moroni, Bruno Marini, Flavio Boltro, with whom he performs very often.
Since 1995 he has taught classical guitar and jazz at the “Centro d’ Arte Musicale” (Art Music Centre) in Trieste and he has participated in many tours in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia.
In 1996 and 1997 he attended the summer courses in Genoa with Kenny Burrell and Mike Stern, and was judged again best guitarist.
In 1997 he took part in the Jazz festival in Sori and won the European competition for guitarists “Eddie Lang” in Monteroduni (IS) after a very hard selection.
In 1998 he was invited with his group to take part in the jazz festival in Udine, in the Vienne festival in France and in the festival in Trieste. In the same year he came in second at the national competition Sant’Anna Arresi in Sardinia for young talents. In the meanwhile he recorded a demonstrative CD for the recording studio “Scenario” in Trieste.
In 1999 he performed at the jazz festivals in Caorle, Gorizia, Udine, S. Anna Arresi, Venice, Trieste, Genoa, Tarcento, Cagliari with his group formed by Francesco Bearzatti (sax), Paolo Mappa (drums), Stefano Senni (contrabass) and Flavio Boltro (trumpet).
In 2000 he participated in the Villa Celimontana festival (Rome) with the group of the Reverend Lee Brown.
He played at the Jazz Festival in Genoa.
In the same year he was invited as guest to play the music written by A. Piazzolla “Piazzolla for Duets” in the CD of Roberto Daris.
At the same time, one of his compositions was published on the CD “Trieste Live” wanted and produced by the Municipality of Trieste.
In 2001 he recorded with Francesco Bearzatti, Giovanni Maier and U.T. Ghandi his first CD as soloist “Titapana” produced by ArteSuono in Udine and distributed by IRD.
In November of the same year he recorded with Dado Moroni and Stefano Senni  the CD “Tribute to Ermi Bombi” produced by ArteSuono in Udine and distributed by IRD, presented with great success at the Jazz Festival in Gorizia.
In December he was invited to play Brazilian music by Enrica Bacchia in the CD “Um Outro Brazil”.
 In 2003 he participated in the Jazz Festival in Trieste with Acoustic Project (Mauro Negri, Paolo Birro, Giovanni Maier and U.T. Ghandi).
He took part in Jazz Festival in Izola (SLO) with Francesco Bearzatti and Paolo Birro.
In 2004 he took part in the international festival “Nei suoni dei luoghi” (In sounds of places) and in the summer festival of Museo Revoltella in Trieste.
He began playing classical music again with Maestro Pierluigi Corona.
He founded the “New Time Trio” with U.T. Ghandi and Danilo Gallo.
He recorded the CD “Giano” with the “New Time Trio” produced by ArteSuono in Udine and distributed by IRD.
In 2005 he consolidated the activity of the “New Time Trio” performing in various occasions including the Valdarno Jazz Festival (AR) and again at the international festival “Nei suoni dei luoghi”.
The CD “Giano” meets with a great success of the critics with very good reviews by, amongst other magazines, Musica Jazz, Jazzit, Chitarre, Jazz Magazine.
He was included in the show agency “Icarios” of Alessandro Icardi (TO).

Besides the already mentioned musicians, he played and still plays with:
Mauro Negri, Gianni Basso, Flavio Boltro, Dado Moroni, Robert Bonisolo, Kile Gregory, Lee Brown, Stephan Kurmann, Jack McDuff, Bobby Durham, Glauco Venier, Francesco Bearzatti, Slatko Kaucic, Massino Faraò, Dario Deidda, Stefano Sabatini, Sandro Gibellini, Aldo Zunino, Mark Abrams, Bruno Marini, Emanuele Cisi.


1998: “Scenario” CD produced for the homonymous studio

2000: “Trieste Live” produced for the Municipality of Trieste
    “Piazzolla for duets” of R. Daris
2001: “Titapana” with F. Bearzatti, U.T. Ghandi, G. Maier (produced by ArteSuono, distributed by IRD)
    “Tribute to Ermi Bombi” with D. Moroni and S. Senni (produced by ArteSuono, distributed by IRD)
    “Um Otro Brasil” by E. Bacchia
2004: “Giano” with U.T. Ghandi and D. Gallo
2007:"Tra Apollo e Dioniso" with U.T. Ghandi, Enzo Carpentieri and Danilo Gallo


Trieste 1996/97/98/99, Sori (GE) 1997, Vienne (F) 1998, Monteroduni (IS) 1997, Genoa 1996/97/99/00, Udine 1998/99, Sant’Anna Arresi (CA) 1998/99, Carole (VE) 1999, Gorizia 1999/02, Quarto (GE) 1998, Tarcento (UD) 1999, Turriaco (GO) 1993, Venice 1999, Koper (SLO) 1996/97/99, Cagliari 1999, Villa Celimontana (Rome) 2000, Mendrisio (CH) 1997/98/99, Graz (A) 1997, Milano 1998, Assolo (TV) 1997, Cormons (GO) 2001,  Reana del Rojale (UD) 1996, Izola (SLO), Valdarno (AR) 2005.

“I learn from the past,
 I make mistakes in the present,
I build my future”

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