Andrea Soler

Andrea Soler

Andrea Soler

Indie, Acoustic, Folk
From: Northern NSW, Australia

About Artist

If I was to tell you about myself, maybe, I could start with what I like, or don't like, maybe what I feel, or think about things, but I guess, nothing compares to the spaces inbetween... in between my judgements, my actions, my beliefs, my likes/dislikes, between my thoughts, and emotions... there is more...,

I am a pilgrim, I am a searcher,
I am lies, and truth to be seen.
I am all the colours, I am the light,
that shines on the spaces inbetween.

I am music, a symphony,
I am fulfilled, and so empty.
I am limited, I am infinity,
I am all that fills the spaces inbetween.

I am nothing of what you think I am,
I am all of it and more.
I am the rivers, I am the seas,
I am emptiness of the spaces inbetween.

Mysteries holding wisdom for us to see,
perfection lives in imperfection,
we are here to find our divinity,
in the silence of the spaces in between.

So are we just so afraid to feel,
feeling like we have to fill.
Can you see the beauty, your divinity
of the spaces in between...' Andrea Soler.

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