Andre Massicotte

Andre Massicotte

Andre Massicotte

Alternative, Blues, Rock
From: Montreal, QC, Canada

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Andre Massicotte

I've played cover songs with many bands, Pop Corn Blues Band, Les Maitres, ect.
Played songs from The Beatles, Presley, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, to name a few.
Now, I do my own thing, creating my tunes in my studio.
My first album "The Other Side" is now available for sale on CD Baby Website:

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J'ai chanté et joué Presley, The Beatles, Genesis, Pink Floyd, ect.
J'ai joué dans Plusieurs groupes, Pop Corn Blues Band, Les Maitres, ect.
Maintenant, je travaille sur mes propres compositions.
Mon premier album "The Other Side" est maintenant disponible sur le site CD Baby:

Review The Other Side

Andre Massicotte is a fusion of pop/jazz with a new-wave
electronic funk flavor and guitar love in his CD, "The Other
Nothing is more clear of that direction than "Clear" - a techno
jazz/guitar alien voiced and Prince-inspired bit of smooth

"Open Your Mind" begins with 80's keys and a Wham-ish feel with
Andre showcasing his gentle baritone vibrato.

"Movin On" begins with lead guitar and travels into an island
percussive feel that broaches reggae while remaining in a
jazz/rock place.
Massicotte's vocals are more up front in the track and the
soulful growl in some of his performance is a highlight.

The groove continues, with a bit of playful composition in the
instrumental "My Two Cats". The lead melody line is on clean
slide electric - and the upper register double-stops are
compelling as they make way for distorted slide lead lines.
We assume his two cats are represented by the tones.

"Funky You" is a page out of the late James Brown book of
simple and moving repeated progression - Massicotte even pays
homage lyrically with several 'uh's and 'i gotcha baby, hmm's.
Keyboard horn stabs ride atop a rhythm that is Bootsie Collins
worthy - with the occasional break in space for a 4-count clean
outside guitar line. It's one of our favorites on the record.

Guitar is the central theme in "Jimi Said" in the musical and
lyrically nod to Hendrix.
As Kravitz before him, Massicotte pushes an axe riff that is
memorable and modern.

More flashy guitar graces "Won't You Call My Name" - the verses
and song portion really serve as an intermission between cool
guitar lines.
Overall the CD is a versatile guitar-based concoction of
original approaches to a myriad of genres. Based in blues based
rock and funk, the sum total is a musical trip that has unique
pit stops along the same highway.

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