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Hmm... where to begin... um... ive always been greatly influenced by music from a very early age. When i was 9, i bought my first guitar... it was some @..$% acoustic i found at a garage sale for twenty dollars... i played the hell out of it until i threw it at my brother and smashed the side of it in... (he had it coming)... then when i was 11 i bought my first electric guitar... and started working on song after song until some friends and i decided to form a rock band... after a while with the band we eventually went our "seperate ways"... From there I sold my car and anything else of value that i owned and purchased some music equipment to help me start on getting a cd out... a bunch of songs later, i found the "sound" i was looking for... (fill in the blank) and the rest is... um...  as always...  a "work-in-progress..."

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