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About Heavy Metal-Word' / Itchy Metal Entertainment Inc. artist Andrew Soto

Once in a while a person comes along with a unique, natural gift simply defined as “ability”. When that same artist also enjoys performing, the result is pure entertainment. Such is the case of guitarist Andrew Soto.  The 22 year-old San Pedro, CA native brings speed, melody and thrilling showmanship to the table as the latest artist to sign to IME Records.

Officially launched in November 2010, IME Records is the reincarnation of Itchy Metal Entertainment (originally a music production company) from Las Vegas, NV. After being acquired by Los Angeles Media agency Heavy Metal-World™, IME set out to find a unique pool of talent across multiple genres with a specific focus on metal-influenced musicians. A talent rep brought Soto’s online videos to the attention of Ed Fassio, VP of A&R for HMW and President of IME Records.

“I first saw Andrew Soto on YouTube and it was quite the show. I became an instant fan and was very impressed with his playing,” explains Fassio. “I knew there was potential for a great project together.”

Andrew Soto has been playing guitar since 16.  Self-taught, his sound is absolutely heavy metal with melodies that often possess a jazz-fusion quality. Multi-faceted, Soto plays a variety of instruments including bass, drums and keyboards bringing to life his own blend of blues, rock and speed metal.

As described on his online profiles:

His music tells a story that is packed with passion, rage, edginess and is deeply introspective. Andrew weaves tight licks to create the atmosphere of a thrill ride. At times, he is reminiscent of an early John McLaughlin, lead guitarist of the Mahavishnu Orchestra…” -

Never is this more apparent than on his self-produced tracks “Senses Collapse” and “A New Beginning”. Andrew’s music attacks the senses with an onslaught of instrumental acrobatics. But the intensity really comes to life while watching him actually play the songs.

“What you’ll find in Andrew is someone who is very proficient instrumentally. It’s easy to become transfixed on the way he plays and the smoothness of his delivery,” adds Fassio. “This translates perfectly as an artist who not only composes, but also knows how to capture an audience.”

Signed as a solo-act, the possibilities for Andrew are endless. IME has immediate plans to release two singles from Soto and opportunities are already in development to expand on the new relationship. As the future unfolds, fans can be sure that both label and artist will leverage a full license for unlimited creativity.

Check out Andrew in action on guitar and bass:

For additional info on Andrew, check out his official website at:

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Heavy Metal-World' is a new media agency HQ'ed in Los Angeles, CA comprised of industry experts and developed in early 2008 as an innovative way to market, manage, promote and distribute new media and independent music by leveraging emerging platforms and partners.

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Recently acquired by Heavy Metal-World, Inc. Itchy Metal Entertainment is a Las Vegas, NV - based music production company. IME specializes in artist development, talent scouting, music recording, producing and distribution as well as internet marketing campaigns and strategies '

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