And the Sky Went Black

And the Sky Went Black

And the Sky Went Black

Metalcore, Hardcore, Experimental
From: Boca Raton, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Mike - Vocals
  • Mitch - Guitars
  • Matt - Guitars
  • Jake - Drums
  • Oz - Bass

About Band

I've played in bands and seen numerous other bands and one thing that I noticed with about 90% of the bands was the absolute lack of passion in the music.  Sure you can play "brutal" music and swing your guitars around like a hoola hoop but that's not passion.  Especially when the ones doing it are covered in make up, wearing female's jeans and thinking about which girl in the crowd is going to want to sleep with them.  They write their songs for hooks and sing alongs with hope that they can sign the big record deal and have their faces plastered all over MTV and burned into the eyes of the Myspace society.  Who are they writing for?

That's why I started this.  I've played the bullshit music because others were afraid to play with passion.  I refused the hair gel and the blood covered shirts and ties.  My heart doesn't beat in breakdowns.  Especially if it's an open chug followed by a clash chord.  Yes I'm bitter, yes I'm pissed off.  Wouldn't you be if you saw the bands that truly play because they love it get shit on?  They work their asses off and are happy to play in front of 10 people that really know what they mean.  They actually play music and not "play" the role of a rock star.

And the Sky Went Black is brutal honesty that gives their hearts and souls to the music because it is about the music and nothing else.

- Mike Moriendi (Vocals)

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