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A New Hope was formed in the very streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. It all started with an idea of combining different music and creating the wonderful fusion that is A New Hope. It is music that is new and fresh but not too different that it is extends past the boundaries of rock. With heavy choruses and soft delicate verses it will reach people through all ages and ethnic groups. What started out as a studio project has bloomed into something amazing, A New Hope is the perfect blend of sounds that all people can enjoy.

A New Hope is Warren Forster on drums, David Gillham on vocals and second guitar, Patrick Smith on lead guitar and Brogan Thompson on bass guitar. Although a newly formed band all members have played in numerous other bands and have all been performing on the live circuit for years. Songs such as “Sold Out” and “Life goes on” illustrate the sound and style of A New Hope. A New Hope is music fuelled with emotions and passion and was created for everyone to relate to and enjoy.

“We started writing songs and playing around with riffs and drum grooves until we formulated something that shows our passion and creativeness. We wanted this music to reach all people on different levels be it just to make you smile or on a personal level where people can relate to our songs as they are based around aspects of our lives.”



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