Angela De Cruz

Angela De Cruz

Angela De Cruz

Pop, Latin, Jazz
From: Brampton, ON, Canada

About Artist  and On Youtube key word BAYBEJEWEL SONG VIDEO - I'm Not In Love - 10 CC COVER by Angela De Cruz SONG VIDEO _- A Moment Like This - (Kelly Clarkson / Leona Lewis) now Angela De Cruz SONG VIDEO - AT LAST - Etta James done by Angela De Cruz SONG VIDEO - FLY ME TO THE MOON - (CANADIAN TALENT AUDITION by Angela De Cruz) SONG VIDEO 6,120 VIEWS!!! (NOT COUNTING OTHER SITES) Seduction song by Angela De Cruz ****** Music is what keeps me alive. STUDYING POST GRADUATE MANAGEMENT NOW. AUDITIONED FOR CANADIAN TALENT. My song Seduction is extracted from a little Kodak camera. Imagine the sound quality of the song Seduction on this site and on the Youtube site (almost 500 views) if it were actually done in a studio. I now cannot turn back.. I have make music my love, my life.

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