Angel Ashes

Angel Ashes

Angel Ashes

Punk, Rock, Emo
From: Warroad, MN, United States

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I'm turning 15 in about a month [July 22nd]. I'm about 5'5". I'm writing a song for my friends 18th birthday. I know how to play the piano, and I'm a singer. I really good singer if I might add. I've been told to go on American Idol by many judges I've gone before, and I'm planning to do so [even though I dont like American Idol that much.] I'm hoping that it will give me my big break. My favorite band is Evanescence and thats where I get most of my inspiration from. In my opinion, Amy Lee is a very talented woman with a BEAUTIFUL voice. I'm hoping to be as big as her some day.

I write my own lyrics, and I'm in the making of writing music for a few of them. It's taking longer than I expected but I'm not giving up.

I would like to sing rock/punk songs... but for now I'm doing what my voice teacher wants me to learn. Which is classical music. It's really helping my voice develop. I have an AMAZING saprano voice, but I can go low too. I pretty much do it all, so thats a good thing. I plan to record a number of things for this site. Most things I did not write, of course, but just to get a feel for my voice. Most of them WONT be punk-rock songs. They will probably be more of the Alternative genre. Again.. its just to get a feel for my voice.  Hopefully later I will get stuff I've accually written up on this site.

I do not do gigs, I'm sad to say. I'm not that far along, and I know I have to get cracking because I want to start that soon.

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