From: Malta, Malta

Band Members

  • Neil Farrugia - Vocals
  • Shawn Mizzi - Guitars
  • Campos Gellel - Guitars
  • Jean Cutajar - Bass
  • Keiston Busuttil - Drums

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About Band

Angelcrypt: The Rebirth Founder Shawn Mizzi is the only survivor of 15 year old heavy metal band Angelcrypt. Now 30 years old, married and settled, he has not given up on his passion for music. Not even this latest major line-up change which for a very short period of time led to Angelcrypt being only Shawn (Guitars) and Neil (Vocals) was not enough to call it a day. During this period, Shawn met with long time friend Campos Gellel and discussed for a possible union. Now being a 3 member band, Shawn, Neil & Campos recruited the rest of the line up to continue Angelcrypt’s metal saga. This line-up is now composed by mature experienced musicians and dedicated, ambitious persons which are also great individuals to work with. This is the best line-up Angelcrypt has had in all these years. On Vocals: Neil Farrugia: Talented metal vocalist and a jack of all trades in music. Neil studied music, sound recording and production and he knows his ways well around music as he practically knows how to play every instrument, but with Angelcrypt he is focused on vocals and lyrics writing. Neil also gives his input in music writing and gives the band that extra notch to make the music a grade higher while also giving the band that aggressiveness and power with his intense vocals. On Guitars: Shawn Mizzi: Started playing guitar at the age of 13 and never has stopped. Founded Angelcrypt at the age of 15 and has taken it from a garage band to where it is today. Taught guitar, played in the biggest metal festivals on the island, recorded in various studios, was nominated for best heavy metal band in the Malta Music Awards with Angelcrypt, played overseas on the same stage with international famous bands and also organised the Shellshock Metal Fest, also one of the biggest local metal festivals which hosted German thrash legends Contradiction as headliners. Also On Guitars: Campos Gellel: No need of an introduction to Campos. Well known guitarist who was a member, recorded and toured with established bands like Arachnid, Martyrium, & Angel Blade. With his vast experience, Campos was the ideal guitarist for Angelcrypt. With his passion for Neo Calssical Metal, he influenced the band in introducing harmonies and melodies which gave Angelcrypt back it’s early style which made it popular in the first place. On Bass: Jean Cutajar: Jean is the backbone for Angelcrypt's solid and punchy sound. Also an experienced musician who played with various other bands, Jean fitted ideally in the group as from the first band practice he played as if he was with Angelcrypt for years. On Drums: Keiston Busuttil: What Angelcrypt found in Keiston was more than a drummer, but a great person who keeps the atmosphere of the band serene and happy. With his jolly character he keeps the band united and thus eager to make music. Being a big heavy metal fan, his input and drumming style gave Angelcrypt what it needed to boost it in getting the engine going again. Keiston’s drumming skills reflect his years of experience with various bands and was also the perfect match for Angelcrypt. The Angelcrypt style always evolves when recruiting new members but this time it was sent back to its roots in the vein of melodic power/thrash metal mixed together with Neil’s “deathish” vocals. With all members being fans of nearly the same styles of metal, mixed together with their experience, the new material is going to be a blast. "Eternal Conquest", the new Angelcrypt single, was recorded in November by the mega patient and talented Steve Lombardo. It is available as a FREE download from ITunes, Angelcrypt's official website and all major social networks. Special thanks also goes to Robert Grima for the amazing photoshoot which you can see all over the internet. We will be also hitting the stage with the new material and line-up next February the 25th at V-Gen, Paceville, with very special guests Oblique Visions. This will be a very special night as we are launching the new Angelcrypt for the first time and yes, we are performing "Eternal Conquest" for the first time live! So do not miss this special event full of surprises at the awesome new rock venue, V-Gen. We also started work on our next full length album and also planning some overseas shows for next summer. Official t-shirts are being printed and will be soon available for sale through Paypal or from band members. Stay tuned to the local rock radio stations as we will be hitting them next January & February. An official website is currently being built and one can see a preview at Also stay tuned to the Angelcrypt YouTube Channel as we started posting a periodically video podcast called "Into the world of Angelcrypt" which will consist of videos that will show the life of a heavy metal band and all it's ventures. In the first two episodes which are launched with "The Rebirth" one can see us in the recording and photo sessions together with all our madness.... Become a fan and get more info at The skull crushing metal saga starts again! \m/

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