Angelic Symphony

Angelic Symphony

Angelic Symphony

Grunge, Alternative, Rock
From: Bandung, Indonesia

Band Members

  • Rik-rik Bogel - Vocal/Guitar
  • Rangga Koboi - Drum

About Band

About Angelic Symphony

Angelic Symphony was founded in 2004 by 5 collegers in Bandung, Indonesia. At first, there was no serious meaning to create songs or album, because actually we're playing the music just for hobby and the same favourite music and genre. Our music influence are some grunge and rock alternative bands such as Silverchair, Muse, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and so on. As the time goes, accidentally we started created songs, but the sound's quality of our demo songs are not good enough. The demo songs was create on some easy recording software such as Sonar, Flooty Loop and so on. However the songs have a positive response from other people in our campus and community.

A good response from other people was the main reason why we're became more serious to create the first album. After almost ten years, we don't realize that we've more than 25 songs.

Finally we found this site ( that we think this site is able to realizing our dream to create our first professional album. Hopefully, we can get a lot of believers/fans to donate us and we'll update the demo quality on the playlist. Thank You

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