Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

Rock, Alternative
From: Maple, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Liv - Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Cindy - Guitar/Vocals
  • Anth - Drums
  • Chris - Bass

About Band

The Story:

Four Minds, Four Styles, One Ambition, started a small project in Maple, Ontario... 


   Long-time friends and band mates Olivia Bartelli and Chris Lamarucciola shared a similar passion for music. A couple of years into high school, they were introduced to Cindy DaSilva another guitarist/vocalist with the same dream. After getting to know each other, the three friends knew they should pursue their musical career together. The three began to play acoustically for a few months, but shortly after, they realized there was a missing piece to make them complete; a drummer.


   Anthony Ricci, a metal-head from Woodbridge, Ontario, was ironically setting up his blue Ludwig drum kit in the corner of St. Joan of Arc's music room. Olivia and Cindy were also in the music room at this time and immediately spotted him. They looked at each other and knew he was the missing link. The girls began to play some of their favourite Chilli Peppers songs; little did they know it was Anthony's weakness and his immediate reaction was to get on the drums and play along. 


    Chris soon received a call from Cindy and Liv about the new addition to the band. They were finally complete. Due to unfortunate circumstances Chris and Anth only met each other on the day of their first show a couple of weeks later in the Joan of Arc cafeteria. They decided to play a few songs they were all familiar with under the name Angels Among Us. From that day forward, they decided to stick with the name. This was the beginning of a friendship that would last a lifetime.


    Angels Among Us has achieved something in the past five months other bands could only dream of. They have won 4 of 5 Battle of the Band shows they have played since April. They won 2 consecutive shows at the El Mocambo in Toronto to qualify them for the City Finals @ the Sound Academy in June. They also won a last minute Opera House show playing as a "filler" band. When the June show came along the anxiety reached a high. As the day of the show approached it was, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!. And as they say Practice Makes Perfect, Angels Among Us walked away with the 1st place making them #1 among bands in Toronto and 4th overall in Ontario.


     Thanks to the shows AAU banked 20 hours of recording time at Scartown Studios helping them to release their debut self-named EP. A 6 track demo featuring Disappear which can be heard on Also, from winning the City Finals show they scored 2 more songs recorded and mastered at Scartown paid for by Supernova Entertainment. Those songs can be heard in the music player above and can be downloaded on myspace as well.


    Angels Among Us would like to thank all supporters, friends, parents, Nate (who recorded the Album and 2 songs, Paulina for doing the album artwork as well as posters for the CD release party and EVERY FAN WE HAVE!!!





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