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The only way to understand my music is to listen to it. When i make music i dont punt fake or play no games.  My music is the way i live my life. I dont give a fuck in most cases and ima spit how i feel. I celibrate sumting called 'Fuck U Friday'. Every Friday i just dont give a fuck about certain shyt. i let relationships all dat bull go, get sum pussy, get sum new music, make sum new music, chill out listenin to eminem and kanye and wut ever else i want to do. i make music for thugs, skate borders, and for who ever else feel like i do. dispite how i celibrate my Fridays im about my education at the same time. i aint got all A's or nuthin but im tryin. its da least i can do for my mom, she got us out da hood. I was born in DA Green where its like a police raid every other day, and da police be hackin all on niggas tips and shyt. Fuck da police cuz da aint about shyt da just bitches wit badges. dont get me twisted i aint ignorant my music has substance. i listen to music with substance. i get tiered of hearin dat pointless shyt on da radio. da radio all ways play da same shyt. i cant front though i will listen to da rock station if da play da rite shyt. i always wondered why  does the rock station play more music than da hip hop stations? radio is killin hip hop dats why. it forces unsigned artist to join sites like dis to get our point across or/and hopefully make it. lazy niggas aint even gone read dis shyt and da shallow minded people aint gone understand but for da one whot do... at least celibrate Fuck u Friday if u aint gone spread da word about radio killin hip hop. its time to revive hip hop!!! quit playin wit da power of music and make sum real shyt!

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