Industrial, Electronica, Experimental
From: Suburbia, NJ, United States

Band Members

  • Brian A. - Programming, Writing, Live Vox
  • Dave B. - Programming, Writing, Live Keys

About Band

Anti-Mechanism was formed by Brian A. and David B. at the advent of 2005. The intent of the project was and is to challenge music, pushing it into future by putting a new spin on Aggressive EBM. The music is in some ways a throwback to earlier more raw days of industrial, but their style is anything but vintage.

The band puts on an audience inclusive show that is driven by both members’ intense stage presence with Brian A. on vox and David B. on keys and intense lighting and dramatic visuals to match, aided by the fact that the music is entirely hardware based. These memorable, high-energy performances have consistently captivated audiences and are very versatile, causing dancing or moshing wherever they play.

Anti-Mechanism has played shows as far as Atlanta and has been the featured headliner at a number of other events in the northeast. The band has been frequently invited to play at major electronic events, supporting a number of well known and well received national acts. Anti-Mechanism has played alongside such artists as Terrorfakt, Psyclon Nine, Razed In Black, Combichrist, Hanzel und Gretyl, The Birthday Massacre, E-Craft, FGFC820, Aesthetic Perfection, Bile, and Interface.

Although, first and foremost, an experienced, live electronic band, Anti-Mechanism has also garnered attention from DJs that regularly spin songs such as Feel In Frames, Ready to Detonate, and Capable at major events from New York to New Zealand to great response by all those in attendance. The music has also been featured and spun on numerous electronic-industrial radio programs, both online and FM stations.

Anti-Mechanism’s work had eventually attracted the attention of renowned producer and engineer Xris Flam who has worked with a great variety of established artists including KMFDM, Mindless Self Indulgence, and Public Enemy. Anti-Mechanism recorded a 5 song E.P. entitled The Ending Swallows Us Whole at Mindswerve Studios in NYC, releasing it a year to the date of their first live performance. This E.P. lyrically focuses on the process of becoming that which you create and the effect of that result, a precursor to what will be a brand-new, full length album for 2007.

Summer tour TBA!

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