Antipsychotic Sequel

Antipsychotic Sequel

Antipsychotic Sequel

Hip-Hop, Rap, Hardcore
From: Thief River Falls, MN, United States

Band Members

  • Mr. Maryl - Producer, composer, vocals
  • Hessy - Vocals

About Band

Antipsychotic is a Horrorcore/hip-hop Duo from Northwest minnesota. Thief River falls is the home to this demented duo. Mr.Maryl and Hessy just recently Formed the group and are productiing their first Demo Album up for grabs if everything goes as planned in fall of '09. The new upcoming group is not planning to release any detailed information about the production of the first album but some people have already got a glimpse of what Mr.Maryl and Hessy are really putting together. They can promise you that their music is something that might take you by surprise and make you ask yourself... HAve these guys ever thought of seing a psychiatrist? Apart from humor and hatred along with psychotic freshness and blood stained entrails covering the album next to the rotten corpse hidden in the closet. Antipsychotic Sequel hopes to give you a happily demented and close up experience with this piece of shit called life.. We warn you after you wipe the blood off the cd and pop it in your stereo in fall of '09... We are nbot responsible for any dramitization, or mental meltdowns, kicking, slashing, punching, hitting, smoking mary jane, drinking booze with a group of hookers after unprotected sex etc. etc.. that you may experience. For questions, concerns or comments please submit them to us here at

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