Hip-Hop, Indie, Rap
From: Leeds, United Kingdom

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I started my rap career in late 2003 with my first ever song called ‘Life Goes On’. This song was made because I had just lost my dad and was not dealing with things well. I decided to use rap as my way of letting my anger and pain out.

I found that writing songs went from being my outlet to something that I really enjoyed doing. Between 2004 and 2005 I wrote over 40 songs in which some were recorded, the others just never happened. I had many notebooks and pads full with lyrics, ideas and my feelings.

I could never find a stage name to suit my way of thinking at that time. I’ve gone through many from ‘SlyDawg’ to ‘Halo’. Nothing seemed to suit me and I wanted something unique as well. That is where “Antmysta” came along.

The name ‘Antmysta’ was not actually thought by me. A good friend called Nikki came up with the name after I told her I could not find a name to suit me. Thanks Nikki.

After coming up with a name things changed within my life. I decided that I needed to get a proper job and make money and rap took a back seat. When I finally came back to rap in the summer of 2008 I had a refreshed feeling about rap, a new approach to writing music and recording, which comes across in my songs. My lyrics have improved and have become more emotional and deep with a lot more meaning.

In 2009 and beyond I want to expand my fan base and have more people listen to my music. I think with the help of other people this will be possible. Thanks for reading.

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