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Minister Antoine Williams was born in Chicago, ILL with his mother and father. He has three brothers who are older. He has a very axciting life. Antoine was faced with many obstacles,however God brought him out of everyone. He always believed God to move on time, not by our time but His time. Antoine is known to be a positive thinker and mentor. In addition, he has also been a part of many groups entitled. The Echo's of Praise Ministry, where he served as president for four years, and The Souls of Harmony, which he served as lead singer in 2006. Antoine,is also a member of various choirs, The Gethsemane Workshop Choir, and The Lighthouse Singers, last but not lease,The Conquerors In Christ Choir where he serves as president and director. Antoine is not only a anointed singer with ability, but he is a powerful preacher and humble man of God as well who can give you a word from God the way He want to give. As a singer and minister of God it's a double blessing to hear him performing. He serves as a youth minister of Gethsemane Baptist Church of South Hill,VA and also serves as praise and worship leader,youth choir director,and a power psalmist around the area. Meanwhile, he's faithfulness did not go unrewarded, he has received many musical recoginition, such as gospel solo artist award in 2003, two performing showcase awards in 2003 and again 2004, and one male musical award in 2005. He is a gospel superstar who lives to minister to the broken hearted and depressed. Antoine is also a gifted artist in making home designs. Meanwhile, he is currently a proud student of Southside Virginia Community College of Alberta, VA. There he plans to get his Associate Degree in Art and Science. Then after gradurating, he plans to go to Norfork State University to earn his Master's Degree in both Architecture & Musicolgy. After earning both degrees, he also plan to get his Doctorn Degree in Theology. He give God all the praise for what He's doing in his life. He's just a down to earth kind of person, who love church and preaching the Word. 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