Anything But Fifty

Anything But Fifty

Anything But Fifty

Hardcore, Hard rock, Death Metal
From: Albuquerque, NM, United States

Band Members

  • Timmy M. - Guitar
  • David J. - Drums
  • Grant W. - Bass
  • Jerome S. - Guitar
  • Brian F. - Vocals
  • Travis J. - Manager
  • Hanna J. - Manager

About Band

ANYTHING BUT FIFTY was formed in the fall of 2006, But first known as INTO THE CASKET. Into The Casket was 4 members, Mike G. on guitar,Brian F. vocals, Tim M. on guitar, Dave J. on drums. Mike wanted to go in a different direction, so he quit. A few weeks later Jerome S. came to take Mikes spot, and the bands name changed to Anything But Fifty. The band was also looking for a solid bass player, this called for Grant W. Since Jerome and Grant came into the band we have been working on song after song to get ready to record our first EP.   Our Full Length CD will be avaialble mid Febuary.

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