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AP was born Aaron Parker in the "Queen City" Buffalo, NY a short, but long 25 years ago. Since a boy AP has always appreciated the role music has played in his life, whether it be something to get him crunk before a football game, or something to help deal with the effects of a broken home, music has been his life.
So about 5 years ago AP decided to take what music has done for his life, and use a writing talent he never knew he had to maybe do the same for someone else's life. But make no mistake, AP's music is far from what you would call "ordinary". Not only does he take tremendous pride in the lyrical composition of all his songs, but also the sincerity of what it is he's actually saying. In other words "Real Recognize Real", those who pretend to be someone there not just to make a song hot will eventually be exposed! AP has afforded himself the luxury of never having to worry of such exposure always spittin' nothing but genuwine lyrics!

Everything involving AP's music he has a hand in. He writes his own songs, records his own songs on most occasions, mixes his own songs, and creates his own graphics. A virtual one man machine! The one thing AP has not done a lot of at the moment is produce beats, but the ClubHouse hit making machine J-Qu3st definitely holds down the camp when it comes to that!

Stay tuned...."YESTERDAY'S FUTURE" is here!!

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Website: www.APmusic716.com

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