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APACHIE, was created by, Cj. Cuellar, the music that is put out by us is ment to have fun with, you won't ever hear a song putting down life, disrespecting women or a song that tells you to go out and kill some one, but you will hear songs that will tell you never to give up, allways fight,don't lay down and pull the earth over head. life is too short, you got to have fun and be who you want to be, no matter how many people say your waisting your time. prove them wrong.

when we go into the studio to record, nothing is planed out we just play, and what comes out ,comes out.

the songs on this site, are done with very little money and are not of the best quality, but maybe some day we will have the money to do it the right way.

we want to make sure that when people come to our shows, they just don't come to see another band standing up on stage just holding their guitars, we want you to say whoo!! now that was a show!! we know money dosn't grow on trees and if I'm gonna spend money on a band, i want my money's worth or better.

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