Metal, Death Metal, Progressive
From: Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Band Members

  • BaM (Bassem Farra) - Lead Guitars/ Rhythm Guitars/ Lead Vocals
  • Al (Ali Atef) - Bass/ Keyboards/ Vocals
  • Sherry (Sheheryar Ahmed) - Drums

About Band

The word Apeiron relates to Infinity therefore Apeira is basically Land of Infinity...The band name was changed form Aeon Omega. We first started as a two man band; me on keyboards and Bam on guitars, and usually spent most of our time improvising and covering our favorite symphonic songs which was totally fun but we weren't so serious about it! As time passed, we slightly improved our skills and played more accurately and made some proper covers of Nightwish. Back in school we were both in the school band which is a point of experience. Early 2009, we took part in Al Ain mall's music competition, played the Nightwish songs we covered and won the competition. Back in 2008 I took part in that competition alone and won first place in solo instruments. It was a great experience and from that time, we knew that we can improve hell alot and we started getting more serious about making a whole band and we decided to play something more like heavy metal and I also decided to play bass for the band. The week after the competition, we directly called Sherry to play drums with us as he is a really good drummer and he was interested. Apeira was born June 2009 after we had our first official gig in Al Ain and eversince we have composed and written some of our own material and recorded just one track so far which you can find on our band page on facebook or our myspace page however its just an instrumental as we haven't had a chance to record the vocals yet, Bam does the lead vocals and I do backup vocals. - Al


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