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Google search, aquablauw for more information. We welcome you to my musical profile. Please feel free to leave a comment. Or email: Music makes the world turn. Thanks you for liking my music. *_*_* Do not submit any demos to, they are a rip off outfit, they rip me off my $25, pretending they are major label! David Sanders is a fake name, pretending he is Exec. VP of A&R of Sony Global Entertainment Group, previously Universal Records in NY, yet no one knows, who he is! But bilk your money through paypal, to never hear from them again!, were their old name, after numerous complaints, they started a new name with the same rip off people, in command, working under fake names and photo shopped pictures, on their website! No phone number and no street address, no description of any of their staff members, face, names, no track records of success and being verifiable! *-*- This is their new Gimmick! After paying them through PayPal, $59.00, they will find you a fake Record Company, somewhere in Germany! They love your music. Unfortunate, they want 100% publishing rights, (That never Exists!), of course, the victim says, I don't agree. Subject dropped, money is gone and victim accepts, being the looser! Of course they promise you, that they will wait for something else? Which never happens. My songs were submitted in 2012, by the rules and orders of this Fake Universal Exec. VP of A&R, which is really the owner of this rip off outfit. I listen to him. And as per good will, I believe, they will finish processing my songs by the end of the year 3050, if he spends life time in jail?...... (Knowing, they operate out of the Phoenix, Arizona Area, mainly, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley) They also were known to rip me and many of us off, (BIG TIME!), for over 3 years, under the Deka Records Label! Operating out of an Ace Hardware Store, Mail Box 625, at 11129 W. Arizona Ave, Suite 625, Youngtown, AZ. If it was a PO BOX at the US Postoffice, it would had been Mail fraud. Yet, that Empire of his, lasts over 3 years, before we send the Arizona State Attorney's General's Office in Phoenix and the Feds out.This man don't stop.So my Bio, became the first Insertion for their membership, in My Infamous, ( Hall Of Shame, 2016).Yes, they even made up a sub office in London and Hollywood, yeah, thay paid an answering service in London and Hollywood instead! Congratulations, Exec. VP Of Rip Off, DemoReject.cum, you are the World's best rip off Con Artist in the World! Staying away from the Law! Good Job! I am very fucking Impressed! *-*-* How do I know all this? Well, his new website goes through, as Deka Records were.(Joe Gentile, A&R VP of Deka Records). His Cell phone, no land line phone, (Easy toTrace him on Land Phone!), and internet, is still under Qwest Corporation and his whereabouts are at the same location as Deka Records once was and once operated! He left over 350 artists, high and dry, after instant closing of, on January 15, 2011.This time, he hits the nail right on the head. Without their permission, Put famous artists on his websites, he does not even deal with or know, in violation of copyrights infringements. Using the same tactics. No faces. No CEO, Director or reperesentative on his websites with verifiable track record. No Phone, No street address, no PO Box address! Photo shopped, major label offices. Still no faces or CEO's in their office, just plain Empty Phoenix Buildings, then photo shop them all, or get it straight off Google, then photo shop it. That is why! Updated as of: 9/20/2015, for more info: Owner shows, he is operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona, zip code, 85260, same details as, were operating under. Unfortunate, this Con Artist, is really not that smart at all! He never should had tried to con me 3 times, I would had never know! First on Deka Records, then, and now try to con me under, all and the same person, thinking he outsmarts everyone! He sure wishes now, that he never met me!*_*-*-* Official closing of, was on January 15, 2011. same time. came up, then demoprocessing came up, less then 1 year old, trying to tell them they were here since 2008? Correct, under the infamous rip off outfit of Google search dekarecords complaints, you see it all there, many been ripped off by the same man. And he ain't going to stop. Please share this as many as you can! They find victims on, reverbnation, instagram, facebook,twitter and many more free pages. They are Vultures, and goes to the extend, to empty your bank account as needed! Leave a comment, I will always answer you all! Have a blessed day and enjoy life, without being ripped off. Anyone thinking, you are that good? Will cost you, not even a penny! Remember that! They will finance your complete project. And 100% publishing rights, never exists in the recording industry! Thank you for sharing my experience!*-*-*-*-*-* For the record,, does not operate out of NY.NY, but nicely hidden in Scottsdale, Arizona! Their schemes and scamming people off their money, goes back to the days of, and now all time rip off, DEMOPROCESSING.CUM. Also, his favorite colors are Black and Red, another way I recognize, him being the owner of these scams. See: Picture symbol, ( DP), on my picture section, below! That is their scam recognonition label! Do not deal with them, or HIM? Wonder if his picture is real? Update: Thanks to my continuous investigation,, is gone and no longer operating, and they had been kicked off the TWITTER format! Note: They will come back under a different name, please google them first, check scam websites, to see, if that company has any scam reportings? Make sure, they have phone numbers, real faces of CEO, Directors and Staff members and verifiable references. They don't? They are 110% fake. I pay for PR services, they give me a time frame and format, where to look. They gave me free advice, in how to join soundcloud. They are also PayPal Verified, as knowing, they operate a trusting business with great ethics. They need us, to do spread the word, to bring them more clients the Legal way! Director Lindsey K. Williams at I do recommend them with a 5 Star Rating. No false promises, always answers your emails and give you a trust of pure confidence. They do the work as described per promotion packages! They even have a phone number and office operating hours, plus testemonials of their recent clients. Again, if you are that good, the BIG MAJOR USA Record Companies, picks up the complete package, without you spending a penny, remember that! No third parties, They run their own A&R departments with complete staff, never hire any third parties. Also stay away from, also a BIG bull shit outfit! And all other third party A&R outfits, not connected to any major or indie record label with a great track record! STAY AWAY!

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