Grunge, Punk, New-Wave
From: Richwood, WV, United States

Band Members

  • Robbie Lanham - Guitar/Vocals
  • Ryan Barrett - Bass/back up vocals
  • Casey Hamrick - Drums

About Band




It all started in October 04' when Robbie and Ryan started playing guitar together, playing Nirvana covers "Polly", "Marigold", and "Smells Like Teen Spirit", with no bassist or drummer.

After a couple of months they contacted friend Jesse Hammonds and ask him if he wanted to join there band, he did,under names like Catatonic Mind and Kobaine, they wrote songs like Suffering,Out of Control, and Even If You Like, now titled "Jock Itch", after falling short in equipment , they removed Jesse from the band.

After not playing in months robbie invited ryan to his house, telling ryan to leave his guitar home, ryan arrived and robbie asked him to play bass guitar. Once again playing covers, and rehearsing old songs. They than looked for a drummer, finding none with any interest in being dedicated, they quit playing again.

While no progress was made as a band, Robbie continued writing songs recording onto his computer, he than asked neighbor Trey Wright to get a bass, Trey than traded his xbox for a bass, Robbie and Trey jammed and Robbie taught Trey his songs,the next day robbie informed ryan that he had found a bassist, so then ryan agreed to play drums. They rehearsed - wrote songs like Suffering, Even If You Like (Jock Itch),Fate,Delirium, and Razor's Edge. they went under names like Blandest, Anorexia, and then settled with Nevermind, after playing 2 gigs as Nevermind, Trey moved away , He never even told the band he was moving, Ryan and Robbie went to his house for practice and his house was empty.

After a couple weeks, they found 13 year old drummer Casey Hamrick, not thinking he would be very good, they packed there equipment and headed to his house, first off they were very impressed, they asked casey to join and he accepted.

Nevermind was born again, practicing for about 2 months in a shed, they moved there practice space to Robbie's basement, now as AquaCow, We practice 3-4 days a week, writing new songs daily.

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