Rock, Experimental, Acoustic
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Band Members

  • MFOD - Producer/writer/ Musician/Vocalist
  • Mr.Malvado - Lead Singer/Useless Member/ Writer
  • Loiue T - Bass

About Band

Architects of Madness is a rock / experimental rock band that dwells in Los Angeles California, consisting of Mr. Malvado and MFOD.

We currently have two albums that are on stand by for distribution. One is called "Unstable Minds," which is set up primarily of acoustic songs from the minds of their two individuals. This CD has been made and put together as the first step towards performance. (Due to the fact that we need a band to do the harder music). Unstable Minds was inspired by the true events that plagued the minds of the writers.

Our second album consists of a more aggressive sound that brings our style to a more experimental stage. That album is Called "This is nothing" a glimpse if you will of heart break, depression, and Inner stupidity. This is the direction they will go once the missing members are found.

Here in this page you could have a sample of both ideas that this group has displayed one is an acoustic number from "unstable minds" and the other is from "this is nothing".

Soon we will be doing acoustic gigs in local places in Los Angeles to Start and we will go from their, keep checking for dates, and as soon as they get the musicians they need, The Darker side will begin.

Also we are in Manny's Lab and are working on two compilations that are soon to be finished...keep checking

Enjoy the Music, Thank you for your support and Never let the silent majority die.

Peace and War signed Mr. Oso

Architects of Madness are currently working on a all Spanish Disc called "Irrelevant Roots" and will have song available for download sale as soon as we set the system up.

For a sneak peek at one of our songs from this album go or

Soon as in like a Month we will be performing acoustic versions of our song in Santa Monica and in West LA small gigs for expoure since we technically dont have a drummer yet, be on the look out for Posted dates. Once we get a drummer we will play in pre-requested Gigs offered to us.

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