Architecture of Aggression

Architecture of Aggression

Architecture of Aggression

Death Metal, Metal, Progressive
From: Pretoria, South Africa

Band Members

  • Van666 - Guitars & Vocals
  • Anton "Belial" - Drummer & Vocals

About Band

Lauded as S.A's heaviest and most brutal band, Architecture Of Aggression consists of a two man demolition team and is respected/reviled throughout the S.A metal community. More infamous than famous, known for their outspokenness on subjects ranging from censorship, politics to matters of religion. They are well respected for their musical prowess and technicality as well as a strong sense of groove and have influences ranging from Death Metal through to jazz and progressive rock! Monsters on stage, their live shows are hectic and their mosh pits are legendary! Come see what all the hype is about.... if you dare.

A.O.A was formed by brothers Van (guitars/vocals) and Anton (drums/vocals) Alberts in 1995.

Ex-members: Brian Liebenberg (Bass), Nardus (bass) and William Bishop (bass)


  • Architecture of Aggression is one of the longest standing and well known South African metal bands
  • A.O.A opened for Swedish Death Metal legends Entombed on their second South African tour in 2004
  • A.O.A have played most of the major South African festivals including Woodstock, Oppikoppi, Motherfudd, Witchfest, Thornfest and The Lucky Fish Festival.
  • Architecture of Aggression signed an album deal with Witchdoctor Records for one album
  • A.O.A has toured South Africa nationally more than once. (The Domination Tour, African Chaos Tour, The Detonation Tour, Acts of Aggression Tour.)
  • A.O.A have performed in Botswana twice and headlined the Windhoek Metal Festival
  • The Rock against Religion shows threw A.O.A into the limelight and they received major media exposure and recognition.
  • Architecture of Aggression have played all the well known venues in South Africa and with some of South Africa's best bands.
  • A.O.A was set to open for international acts Nile and Devil Driver until the shows were canceled.
  • Architecture of Aggression have successful recorded three demo's, one EP and two Albums




  • Architecture of Aggression's first demo was released in1997, named  “Under Destruction”
  • The second self titled demo “Architecture of Aggression” was release in 1999
  • A.O.A's third demo “Cruci-fiction?” was released in 2000
  • The “Manifest of Destiny” EP was release in 2005
  • Architecture of Aggression's first album “Democracy-Consent to Domination” was recorded and released under Witchdoctor Records in 2006
  • They have just released their second album  “Acts of God: 4000 years of Phallusy" independently.



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