Arctic Winds

Arctic Winds

Arctic Winds

Progressive, Death Metal, Black Metal
From: North Hollywood, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Segis - guitars
  • Dragonis Knight - drums
  • Storm - bass
  • Donnie Marthefka - vocals
  • Rudy Ramirez - guitars

About Band

ARCTIC WINDS was born on feb.2005 when DRAGONIS NIGHT(ex-UNKNOWN REMAINS, NOCTURNAL SUPREMACY,DEMONIC BLOODLINE),SEGIS AND STORM (ex-MUTILACION) decided to form a band that had an idealogy and music different from what they have done in their previous bands. The main focus was to construct songs and create music that we enjoyed and did not hear in Los Angeles or Ca. for that matter, working hard and showing extreme technicality and memorable songwriting skills to create some incredible slab of metal. The search was rough in finding the proper vocalist after many unsuccessful auditions, ARCTIC WINDS found DONNIE (UNSANCTIFIED) through a mutual friend. Now with DONNIE behind the mic this elite line up was ready to tear shit up.After a few months of rehearsing ARCTIC WINDS entered the studio to record the soon to be classic THROUGH ICE WIND AND STORM e.p. which will be a monumental release for this refreshing brand of metal. In a city that has spawned many clones with no identity or originality ARCTIC WINDS are visionaries not followers of trends but creators of truly reinventing metal. This art of extreme metal will see new horizons as we strive and work hard to continue to bring quality metal to the masses. Now added to the brutal line up is Rudy Ramirez on guitar. ARCTIC WINDS will be promoteing and booking shows relentlessley to promote the upcoming release.....LOGO DONE BY "Christophe Szpajdel"

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