A Reflectioin Of You

A Reflectioin Of You

A Reflectioin Of You

Rock, Progressive, Experimental
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Band

LA is famous for being home to some of the most timeless, amazing bands in the history of Rock&Roll;. This being true, like the fact that there is cycle to all things in life. It seems as if the the cycle to creation itself has said its time, and once again something magical happening.

It seems that the power that gives life and binds every human being equally together unaware of time, has formed the name of the next band to be added to this legacy!
Is it a surprise to anyone that the city of angles will be home to another "amazing" band, we don't think so.
A Reflection Of You has all ready risen out of the city limits and spreads its reach across the US and Europe alike. Reaching fans in the U.K, Italy, Russia, India, Australia, & France. As a result of the buzz being created by their live shows one of the most popular radio stations in France GOOM RADIO their nightly Rock show called "Rock Your Life" hosted by Dj Mathilde recently featured an interview with Dominick Joseph and a single of of the bands EP.

As this band continues to grow what we do know for sure is that talent isn't a question for this group. We also know that our industry hasn't seem anything like Dominick Joseph since the era of Morrison.

Yet it's the group as a whole that the fans are calling "spellbinding!" Each member of the band adding equally to the whole of the magic produced when A.R.O.Y is on stage. Offering performances strong enough to make anyone who is present to see A.R.O.Y shape the craft of music in their unique way know that they have just witnessed something special.

Get ready world, from the City Of Angels here comes
A Reflection Of You!

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