Folk, Rock, Metal
From: Buckhannon, WV, United States

Band Members

  • Cochise - Lead Singer
  • Vandrad the Rad - Lead Guitar
  • Diltron Master of Space and Time - Drummer

About Band

Arockalypse was forged by Hephaestus in the fiery depths of Mount Olympus. Zeus ordered its creation, knowing that rock and roll was the only force in the universe powerful enough to unite the people of the world. With the power of Arockalypse, Zeus formed the world's first rock band. The people rejoiced, but their jubilation was short-lived. The gods were not powerful enough to endure the rock, and they were ultimately destroyed. The world was plunged into darkness, devoid of rock and roll, for centuries.

Rock and roll was rediscovered in the year zero by Jesus Christ. He began playing shows around Rome and gained a few groupies. The church did not approve, however. They saw the power of rock and roll, and knew that they could not compete. They vowed to destroy the rock. Jesus was executed, and he and his guitar were sealed in a tomb. The church then made all of his fans sign agreements saying that Jesus was a prophet, in order to disguise his true identity.

The world was in turmoil for centuries. None knew the rock, and all suffered. In the late 1940s, Jesus's tomb was discovered by young archaeologist Dick Dale. He immediately gave up his archaeological career for a life of music. Rock and roll became a household term, and all was well. Beelzebub, the Prince of Darkness, saw the way that rock music united the people, and knew he had to end it. In 1972, he possessed the body of young Chad Kroeger. He laid in wait for many years, biding his time until he could execute his master plan. In 1996, Chad released his first album as Nickelback.

Nickelback, and many other bands that were possessed by demons, worked to destroy rock and roll. As the years went on, fewer and fewer musicians remained untainted. The world sank into darkness. In the year 2525, scientists discovered the ruins of Mount Olympus. Inside, they found Arockalypse. They recognized it as the musical force that it was, and knew it was their only chance for salvation. Many attempted to harness its power, but all were destroyed. Japan began developing a line of robots, which they hoped could utilize Arockalypse. By the time they had created the first robot which was not destroyed, they had already used up the entire world's resources. So the robot was sent on a mission through time to find the greatest rockers in the history of the world. After centuries of searching, the robot found its bandmates, and brought them to the turn of the millennium. From there these brave souls hoped they could unite the people once again in the name of rock and roll. For the day of Rockening approaches, and only those who rock will be saved.

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