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"Aron Kirk Unsigned" is a micro site dedicated to  the music of Aron Kirk which is either in progression,unreleased or unpublished.The idea behind this micro site is for fans of ambient music,or those that may be familiar with Aron's music to hear compositions that have not been either released nor published before elsewhere.

Aron Kirk's instrumental music has received  favourable reviews worldwide,from producers,listeners and musicians alike for it's eerie refinement and evoking beauty.His music is primarily a serene blend of piano,synthesisers,woodwinds, percussion,minimal vocals,loops and home recorded samples.When composing and recording,Kirk spends a lot of time slowly building the structure and arrangement of each of his compositions,which he describes as "the diaries of his days"  

 "I enjoy making music about the world around us.Simple everyday things..the people we love,the people we don't..the things we do..and sadly,the things we should have done.It's all there somewhere,lurking inside the safety of the music". 

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