Aron Kirk & Mark Shaw

Aron Kirk & Mark Shaw

Aron Kirk & Mark Shaw

Electronica, Ambient, Pop
From: Derbyshire, United Kingdom

About Band

"Aron Kirk & Mark Shaw Unsigned" is a micro site dedicated to  the music of Aron Kirk & Mark Shaw which is either unreleased or unpublished.

Mark Shaw and Aron Kirk first collaborated in 1996.Shaw's creations were a quirky and sometimes dark blend of driving electronica,whilst Kirk's compositions were more delicate and open,so needless to say,it was unlikely that these two very different styles of music would compliment each other.However,it was the duo's ardour for synthesis that was to slowly unite their sound together."I have learnt a lot from Mark" says Kirk "Although our style of composition is a world apart,he has a great ear for sound and Mark can hear those things that not every producer and musician can hear.Those little things that count..that breathe life into a composition".

Those who are familiar with the work of Mark Shaw and Aron Kirk will know that it is a little more adventurous than that of their individual solo works,and this is primarily due to the vast difference in their musical genres.Kirk likes to employ the sound of piano,sythesizers,woodwinds,acoustics and delicate electronics,whereas Mark prefers to compose a more retro style of electronica,and is also a collector of the older and sometimes temperamental models of synthesizers."You simply cannot emulate those old sounds". Says Shaw "Technology has got very close to imitating some of the older sounds with the various software synths, but they just don't have that rawness and natural inconsistency of the real thing"

Mark and Aron's first album 'The Happening' came out in early 2001 which was described as "A melodic and convincing retromantic album" by 'Rock City Magazine'. They continued to collaborate whilst also both working on their solo material in seperate studios.Music was made,then shelved,until their second album 'Relentless' was finally released in the Autumn of 2005.The pair continue to work on seperate projects,but have talked of working together again on new material.

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