Americana, Rock, Blues
From: Detroit, MI, United States

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There still exist the artists whose starting point is the creativity of the song and the passion of the performance as opposed to the insatiable need to be famous. Out of this small pack comes Arthur Stone ,who has poured years of preforming and songwriting into the 7 entirely self-written songs which comprise his debut album “40”.

Having played percussions from a very young age, Arthur discovered writing songs was a release while growing up in Detroit

(“The whole process of writing songs became something I did whenever I had strong thoughts or feelings because it felt good to do”- AS)

The defining moment was having to make a decision over whether to take up the invitation that comes with struggling to give it all up or continue to develop as a singer-songwriter.

(“I just realised how important it is for me to sing and perform the songs I have created. I had to be honest to myself even though it’s often a lonelier and harder road”. -AS)

Turning his back on the easy route, Arthur picked up the guitar, and travelled around in life, picking up inspiration from conversations and relationships, people and places. Returning home to his soul with a head full of songs, Arthur started performing regularly as a solo artist, alternating between playing drums, bass and guitar, refusing to listen to those who tried to make him conform his style and songs to fit their own personal aggenda.

 Arthur Stone is a Detroit-based solo artist whose sound is an exciting blend of Americana, rock, blues and a rush of soul that calls to mind classic sounds of the '60s and 70's like the Yardbirds, Dylan, The MC5, and Iggy Pop whose loose and groovy earthiness earns it a place near the front of the Americana sound class. But that freinds is not etched in Stone!

Praised for his swooning guitar and lo-fi soundscapes, Arthur Stone' soon to be released single “ Back in the day” was described as the perfect late-summer song . “ Back in the day” is a collage of melodies and sound. melding guitar with perfectly pitched brush stroke beats, fusing jazzy reverberations and the occasional thunderstorm to classic americana and soulful blues song formats.

 ** 40 is yet another step in the evolution of my musical career. I have put more heart and responsibility into writing, playing, recording, and producing these songs than I have had on any project I have been a part of before. As a result I feel that this is one of the truest recording's I've ever done.

The songs were all arranged by myself in a small but comfortable basement studio. They are my songs, my guitar playing, and following insturments and mixing. This album is not a milestone, it's simply a mile marker on the way to a musical destination that lies somewhere on the not so distant horizon- Arthur Stone.

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