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baron. is an American (producer/songwriter/singer/lyricist) releasing his sophmore project 'Celebrity' July 11, 2008.  The album features production work from Belief, The Oracle, and baron. with guest appearances from Queen GodIs, Nhojj, Infinite, and Uche.

baron.'s goal of the album was to "dissect the celebrity phenomenon lyrically and sonically as well as give listeners a view into my life."  The album borrows influences from ol' school hip-hop, dub, dance-hall, new wave, glam rock, and electronica to name a few. A genres mash-up may make it difficult to classify but with it's appealing edge listeners will spot the influences and dance anyway. "The cool thing is that I found it easy to write these songs. The patterns are a little off but so am I."

Songs from Celebrity have found there way into a few independent films. The lead single, "Feel Like Fashion" is a crowd favorite and has garnered much air and club play. For a poet turned pop star, 'Celebrity' may be the breakthrough needed to give this artist the light he needs.


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