Asantutsta Atma

Asantutsta Atma

Asantutsta Atma

Death Metal, Metalcore
From: kathmandu, Nepal

Band Members

  • Shuunil Shakya - Vocalist
  • Samir Tamang - Rhythm
  • Rupesh Thakuri - lead
  • krishna Gopali - Bass
  • Vivek Tamng - Drummer

About Band

Asantusta Atma is a underground dark metal band established in 2008 A.D with da aim to give a pure dark metal in nepal.Asantusta Atma got all together 5 members [Vocalist:-Shuunil Shakya] [Lead:-Rupesh Thakuri] [Rhythm:-Samir Tamang] [Bass:-Krishna] [Drummer:-Vivek Tamang].We had perform local concerts and had got a good response from the audience.Now we are busy in producing our alum from atma records.We had already launch our first underground album [Disturb Soul] including the 3 hit tracks [Boksini] [Trass] [Pralya]..

At past we are not supposing to do a dark metal but listing to da band cardle of filth.We got excited and did a dark metal with the vocalist Shuunil with dead vocal.So this is what the ASANTUSTA ATMA are.Do check us once and Stop Piracy!!!We are doing now a alum called [Principle of death metal] from Reeyaz music.Just check this up.

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