A Self

A Self

A Self

Rock, Metal, Progressive
From: Toronto, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Jacob Doyle - Treble electro magnetic string tension modifer
  • Aaron Doyle - Bass electro magnetic string tension modifer
  • Nathan McNeil - Vocals
  • Santiago Bustillos - Drums

About Band

A self cannot be bound, nor can the sound of A Self: rich, textured and full beyond the limitations and fair expectations of what four musicians and their instruments can do. Despite dissonance and frequent forays into minor keys, the sound that emerges is strident, energetic, and vigorous. A Self extends themselves heavily through conscious lyrics and strength of wisdom, while bringing a turbulent live experience that enables the audience to identify with the very essence of what is put forth.

Brothers Aaron (bass) and Jacob (guitar) composed, recorded, and performed as a duo since childhood. Upon relocating to Toronto, they sought a vocalist and drummer who could meet the challenge of creating the full sound they envisioned, and found this in John (vocals) and Chris (drums). A Self's sources of inspirational, spine-shiver-inducing sonic delight include King Crimson, Tool, Primus, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Genesis  and Deftones.  With much intentionality, they have created a sound that is expansive and ever-reaching.

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